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Teaching Sexuality and Answering Questions

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Well, let’s talk about teaching sex and sexuality. Better yet, let’s dive into the information you’ll need to engage in strong conversations with young people. Take your passion for teaching to another level, a human level, and realize your potential impact to change the conversation through a lens of social justice and racial equality.

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Anatomy and Reproduction

Anatomy and Reproduction

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Everything starts somewhere right? And that somewhere generally includes a foundation – a base, if you will – solid and broad enough to support everything else. Enter, sexual and reproductive anatomy. Don’t worry, we don’t require a med school depth of understanding – just a thorough, top-level, kind of understanding.

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STIs and HIV

Trivia anyone?

So you know what STIs are but can you name any of the common STIs in the US? Better yet, can you explain how they’re transmitted and treated? (Cue the Jeopardy theme…)

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Abstinence and Birth Control

Birth Control and Abstinence

Talk to Me

You know birth control is out there and you know how it works and, sure, you know abstinence is a form of birth control. But do you know how to teach the effectiveness of these methods in an inclusive way? Do you know what actually works?

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Healthy Relationships

Relationships and Consent

Mission (Im)Possible

You’ll see… Your mission, since you’ve accepted it – guide young people on an exploration of their relationships. You’re here to teach them how to create life skills to build and maintain positive relationships and to identify harmful and supportive behaviors.

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Applying a Trauma Informed Lens to Sex Education

Your superpower?

Constant attention, caring awareness, sensitivity – as a teacher these come second nature to you. All of these will come into play as you learn how to connect, convey safety, show trustworthiness and transparency – all in the name of providing a safe, open, trauma-informed learning environment. No mask or cape, just your passion for teaching young people.

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