Facilitation Skills Course

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Hello, you’re here.

You’re here because you want to help young people normalize deep, meaningful conversations about sex and sexuality. You want to remove the stigma associated with these topics and encourage them to be a part of everyday conversations.

What does that mean?

It means you learn to lead, guide, and take action. You’ll practice and hone a variety of essential skills including “platform skills”, leading and debriefing discussions, responding to group dynamics, adapting on the fly to meet group needs – all while meeting the learning objectives.

Sounds like a lot to juggle.

It is, but we help you build your foundation. This 12-hour virtual instructor-led course focuses on growing your skills to artfully deliver sex education in your community. Delivered through five weekly, two-hour sessions held at pre-set times, the course incorporates a hands-on practice session utilizing the Advocates for Youth classroom simulation program (simulated teaching experience). And yes, there’s a bit of homework (3 hours worth).

What happens next? You grow your skills:

  • Create and deliver a power packed introduction of yourself
  • Develop and use strong platform skills (voice volume, verbal pace, physical stance, eye contact, etc.)
  • Lead and guide a group discussion and discussion debrief
  • Lead a group brainstorming session
  • Create smooth transitions within group discussions
  • Give clear instructions to the group
  • Respond to group dynamics
  • Effectively adapt on the fly to meet participant needs and learning objectives

Course Offering

Oct 20 – Nov 10, 2023 (Fridays)

All courses are offered from 12 – 2 PST

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