We’re fired-up about providing new and effective ways of reaching young people with sex education by supporting the next generation of sex educators with the latest tools, research, and best-practices.

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Spark*ED is an online resource for sex educators, providing innovative tools for inclusive sex education. With an emphasis on racial equity and social justice, your students will see themselves, their needs, and their curiosities in this material. By validating and celebrating our differences, we create a holistic and intersectional education framework that will actively engage students.

Launching May 2020

Our first training series will cover the fundamentals of sex education with up-to-date research and best practices for educators, including:

Teaching Sexuality – Icon of three people

Teaching Sexuality

Anatomy and Reproduction

Sexual Anatomy and Reproduction

STDs and HIV

Abstinence and Birth Control

Abstinence and Birth Control

Healthy Relationships

Relationships and Consent

Teaching from a
Trauma-Informed Lens

Ignite student interest with content that is:
  • Age Appropriate
  • Sex-Positive
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusive
  • Culturally Responsive
  • Medically-Accurate
  • Trauma-Informed

The holistic and intersectional nature of these topics are drawn from a deep well of research on the latest and longest-lasting trends. With a commitment to supporting educators and scientifically accurate information, we ensure a comprehensive toolkit to educate and understand human sexuality, healthy behavior and to prepare you to answer those challenging questions from youth.

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Spark*ED will be available to educators in May 2020. For more information, please contact sparked@ppgnhi.org.

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