Intro to Cultural Humility 
& Responsiveness

Virtual Instructor-led Training


Eligible for 13 ANCC Credits

Applying a Cultural Humility & Responsive Lens to Facilitation (ILT)

This training is designed to provide a foundation on how to incorporate practices into your facilitation that will recognize and uplift young people’s cultural uniqueness in a learning environment. Training participants will explore the essential role culture plays in our lives, reflect on how culture influences how we interact with each other, and the impact culture has on our decision making. We will delve into the Theory of Intersectionality and the importance of recognizing and applying it when working with young people. We will explore how to make lessons more culturally responsive and how to respond when you (the facilitator) or a leaner commit a microaggression.


Through the self-paced course, you learned to channel your passion for teaching through exploring ways to make education culturally responsive. You know how to take the attention, awareness, and the innate ability to make all youth feel welcome. Now you’ll build on that foundation.

I’m on board.

Excellent, welcome to the next step in reframing the conversation so all students see themselves reflected in the lessons. Here’s where you’ll build the skills to maintain culturally responsive and respectful learning environment.

Now the hard work.

You’ve got this. As we have through every step of this program, we’ll equip you to work with the most inquisitive minds. We’ll dig into the essentials of cultural humility and responsive practices, including terminology, implicit bias, and intersectionality, and explore what facilitating through cultural humility and responsiveness lens can look like.

Where to start, you ask?

Self-guided doesn’t mean we leave you hanging, we want you to be a part of the conversation as much as you do. So, we’ve included handy self-assessments throughout each course to ensure you become a master of information.

I’m in. What can I expect?

You’ve got this. As we have through every step of this program, we’ll equip you to work with the most inquisitive minds. In this five session, 10 hour virtual instructor-led training, we’ll dig deeper into theories, strategies, and skills as we explore teaching through a culturally responsive lens, including a practice and coaching session using the Advocates for Youth virtual classroom.

Learning Objectives

After this training you will have built the skills to:

  • Apply a cultural humility and responsive lens in the learning environment
  • Apply the Theory of Intersectionality in your facilitation to lift up all identities in the learning environment
  • Strengthen your understanding of the youth you serve based on their cultural context and experiences
  • Apply models to respond when you or a learner commit a microaggression
  • Adapt lessons or curricula to be culturally responsive

Course Offerings

July 17 – 21, 2023 (Monday – Friday)

October 11 – November 1 (Wednesdays)

All courses are offered from 12 – 2 PST/PDT

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