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Teaching from a Trauma-Informed Lens

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Your superpower?

Constant attention, caring awareness, sensitivity – as a teacher these come second nature to you. All of these will come into play as you learn how to connect, convey safety, show trustworthiness and transparency – all in the name of providing a safe, open, trauma-informed learning environment. No mask or cape, just your passion for teaching young people.

A connection.

Deep, meaningful conversations – rooted in a wide perception allowing you to identify and respond with empathy to those potentially displaying the effects of previous trauma. Through this course, with an emphasis on understanding techniques to create and sustain a trauma-informed learning environment, you’ll know how to communicate, accept, and validate these emotions in others.

Sounds like a lot to learn.

It is. But we’ve got your back. We’ve divided the course into four bite-sized pieces in a range of learning styles like interactive assignments, videos showing classroom instruction, and real-life scenarios. No matter how you learn best, we’re right there with you.

Where do we go from here? Let’s start with learning. You got this.

  • Explains the importance of trauma-informed learning environments
  • Defines trauma, types of safety, agency, and triggers
  • Defines what makes and sustains a trauma-informed learning environment
  • Explains the essential skills for facilitating trauma-informed sex education
  • Defines the needs and developmental context for sex education participants
  • Explains the essential skills to
    • identify and respond to signs of trauma
    • recognize physical, verbal and behavioral signs of trauma
  • Explains how to use empathy and to validate emotions
  • Explains trauma-informed teaching techniques
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