LGBTQ+ Inclusive and Affirming Sex Education

Go further.

As a teacher or facilitator, attention, awareness, and the innate ability to make all youth feel welcomed comes second nature to you. Take your passion for teaching to the next level as we explore ways to make LGBTQ+ sex education inclusive and affirming.

Where are we taking this?

Well, let’s start with this question ­– what does it look like, feel like, sound like – when all youth feel seen and heard and their needs are being met? You’re here to learn exactly that. You’re here to reframe the sex education conversation for all students, empowering and supporting them so they see themselves reflected in the lessons.

It sounds like a lot.

You’ve got this. As we have through every step of this program, we’ll equip you to work with the most inquisitive minds. We’ll dig into the essentials of LGBTQ+ related content, including identities and terminology, intersectionality, and explore what teaching through an LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming lens can look like.

Where to start, you ask?

Right here:

  • Define sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Describe common vocabulary related to gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Explain how both sexual orientation and gender identity are determined by each individual, and not based on outward appearances
  • Define what homophobia and transphobia are and provide examples of each
  • Describe what a microaggression is, along with the three different types of microaggressions
  • Explain what intersectionality is, and how it can and should show up when delivering sex education
  • Describe what LGBTQ+ affirming sex education looks like
  • Assess your own sex education materials for LGBTQ+ inclusion in order to adapt or replace them as necessary
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