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Teaching Sexuality and Answering Questions


Eligible for 4 ANCC Credits

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Well, let’s talk about teaching sex and sexuality. Better yet, let’s dive into the information you’ll need to engage in strong conversations with young people. Take your passion for teaching to another level, a human level, and realize your potential impact to change the conversation through a lens of social justice and racial equality.

Reshape the Conversation

You’re here because you want to help young people normalize deep, meaningful conversations about sex and sexuality. You want to remove the stigma associated with these topics and encourage them to be a part of everyday conversations.

Keep Talking

Learn to teach through that lens of social justice and racial equity concentrated in sexual health, gender, adolescent development, learning styles, and behavioral change. We’ve consulted with medical professionals, trainers, classroom teachers, youth serving professionals, public health workers, and researchers to create a course tailored for and dedicated to teachers like you. We’ll focus on the latest information and research in the fields of sexual health, gender, adolescent development, learning styles, and behavioral change. The more we talk, the more we mainstream these areas of everyday life.

Whoa, that’s a lot of talking

It is. Luckily we agree and have done something about it – we’ve broken the courses up into 25-30 minute bite-size pieces in a range of learning styles like interactive trainings, videos of classroom instruction, and real-life scenarios.

All By Myself?

Never. Self-guided doesn’t mean we leave you hanging, we want you to be a part of the conversation as much as you do. So, we’ve included handy self-assessments throughout each course to ensure you become a master of information.

I’m in. What can I expect to learn? 

  • Provide a comprehensive definition of sexuality
  • Name and describe the various aspects of sexuality
  • Describe the importance of having a comprehensive, holistic lens when teaching sexuality
  • Describe how the six aspects of sexuality manifest throughout the lifespan
  • Describe why a holistic conception of sexuality is essential for high quality sex education
  • Describe why is it important to create a safe space to answer questions in sex education
  • Explain how anonymous question time can be set up to maximize participation and foster an environment of learning and respect
  • Name and apply best practices for answering various types of questions about sexuality
  • Identify values-based questions
  • Distinguish universal from non-universal values
  • Describe the steps in the FLASH Values Question Protocol and use it to respond to values-based questions
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