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Mission (Im)Possible

You’ll see… Your mission, since you’ve accepted it – guide young people on an exploration of their relationships. You’re here to teach them how to create life skills to build and maintain positive relationships and to identify harmful and supportive behaviors.

Time for a Check-Up.

Healthy or unhealthy? Let’s start by redefining that – supportive or unsupportive? Who decides? How is it defined? Romantic, platonic, or familial? Empower young people by developing and strengthening their skills to navigate all kinds of relationships rooted in consent and clear communication.

Tuning the Senses.

What does consent look like? Feel like? Sound like? You’ll teach them tools they can use to talk through things when they feel uncertain and set them up for successful future consent conversations. The more we talk, the more we mainstream these areas of everyday life.

Check Yourself.

Learn how to define and separate your personal values and beliefs, examine expectations set forth by your community, and navigate conflicting beliefs. We’ll discuss what you need to know to make informed decisions to better teach and support young people in a safe and inclusive environment.

Teach Me.

Okay! You’ll learn:

  • Explore and understand relationships as an essential part of everyone’s lives
  • Identify the variety of intimate and romantic relationships that can exist in people’s lives – expressing affection and types of intimacy
  • Learn how to teach youth to identify supportive and harmful behaviors, helping develop the life skill of building and maintaining positive relationships
  • Review communication tips and skills
  • Understand what consent is and isn’t and that all people deserve to have their consent communicated, recognized, and respected
  • Identify relationship skills to evaluate a relationship, set boundaries, end a relationship, and how to handle rejection
  • Learn to teach young people how to build personal power and agency
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