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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Everything starts somewhere right? And that somewhere generally includes a foundation – a base, if you will – solid and broad enough to support everything else. Enter, sexual and reproductive anatomy. Don’t worry, we don’t require a med school depth of understanding – just a thorough, well-informed, kind of understanding.

Okay, all the basics.

And then some. Take your passion for teaching to another level, a human level, with a comprehensive, sex positive approach as you open the door for real conversations about anatomy and the reproductive system. We’ll focus on the differences between cisgender, transgender, and intersex bodies and how to teach anatomy in an inclusive way. And yes, we’ll cover what you expect – from genitals and the testicle/penis reproductive system, to the ovary, uterus, and vagina system, to the menstrual cycle, and all about pregnancy.

Deep Breath…

You got this! As we have through every step of this program, we’ll continue give you everything you need to know to have engaging, inclusive body-positive conversations, unassuming of gender, orientation, experiences, body parts, or behavior of young people.


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Learn how to make anatomy and reproduction sex positive and engaging
  • Understand the importance of inclusive language when teaching anatomy and reproduction
  • Recognize that there is a wide range of anatomy
  • Define cisgender, transgender, and intersex
  • Identify the parts of the reproductive system and their functions in people with ovaries, uteri, vaginas, testicles, and penises
  • Describe the path of an egg during the menstrual cycle
  • Identify what pregnancy is, and how it occurs
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